Why Did Germany Get a EURO 2024 Automatic Bid?

Fairly long qualifying campaigns were always par for the course for most of the participating UEFA Championship League football clubs and national teams. There were originally 53 teams, which were then cut down to 24 teams.

From there, several qualifiers will be played all throughout 2024 to determine the teams involved in the tournament proper. With that said, did Germany get a EURO 2024 automatic bid?

What’s This About an Automatic EURO 2024 Bid for Germany?

• Is Germany Auto-Qualified for EURO 2024? There is a EURO 2024 automatic bid for hosting countries. That’s one of many advantages of hosting the tournament. Germany’s national team is granted auto-qualification because the country is the EURO 2024 host.

• Pot 1 for the EURO 2024 Final Draw: Germany has received a EURO 2024 automatic bid in the form of being automatically put into Pot 1 for the EURO 2024 Final Draw. This is still a general rule when the host country is the only country hosting.

• EURO 2020 is the Exception to the Rule: In EURO 2020, the tournament was held in multiple countries and cities all over the world. Therefore, it was decided that no one nation have automatic qualification even though historically hosts in the past had direct entry into any given EURO (like the EURO 2024 automatic bid).

• How Have Host Countries Fared with the UEFA EURO? The European Championships or EURO of the Union of European Football Associations or UEFA had host nations generally perform well because they got home-ground advantage and the cheers of their locals. Three times, the host have won the championship.

• Who were the Hosts That Won the Championship? Probably bolstered by the EURO 2024 automatic bid, Spain was the first to become champion by beating the then Soviet Union back in the finals of EURO 1964. Italy then became the 1968 winning host with its defeat of Yugoslavia. In 1984, France used home turf advantage to win the EUROs.

• What about the No Automatic Bid Situation of EURO 2020? Italy was one of the multiple host countries for EURO 2020. They got home advantage too though by playing all their group games in Rome. Nevertheless, they still beat England at Wembley in an Away game to get the EURO 2020 championship.

Germany is angling to repeat the success of past hosts by taking full advantage of their automatic bid and home advantage for the rest of the tournament. It would be nothing short of embarrassing if they don’t at least perform well until the semis.

It also helps that Germany in general features some of the strongest teams in UEFA anyway (they’re the 2014 World Cup winners, after all), home advantage or not.

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